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Rollover eGigsSM
Your Problem:
- For every ESI processing project you have, a vendor selection or bidding process is started
- Cost is unknown at the beginning and not clear until a project is finished
- Pricing is Tiered or Volume driven - resulting in higher per GB cost for smaller or mid-size projects (80% of all ESI processing projects consist of small to mid-size projects)
- Billing clients for ESI processing projects becomes difficult when different vendors with different charges are used for the same client
- You are considering flat rate pricing but are concerned You would be giving away $$$ if you do not meet your monthly allowance or threshold
Our Solution:
Rollover eGigsSM

What is Rollover eGigsSM?
Rollover eGigsSM is a contractual agreement between AKM Consulting and You for processing of ESI (eDiscovery / Electronically Stored Information).
AKM Consulting and/or our partners will process your data for a flat, monthly fee. This monthly fee will not change unless the allocated (agreed upon)
amount of GB per month, or monthly threshold is exceeded.
If you do not meet your monthly threshold, the remaining GB (balance) will be credited to the following month.

Rollover eGigsSMPricing Example:

You purchase a 100 GB/month allowance block for a 12 month commitment @ *$15,000/month.

The effective per GB rate would be *$150 per GB

Scenario 1:

We process 80 GB for you in January.
The effective rate per GB would not increase to *$187.50, instead, You would retain the effective rate of only *$150 per GB. The unused allowance of 20 GB would then be applied to the next month (February), which would increase from 100 GB to 120 GB total.

Scenario 2:

We process 120 GB for you in January.
The effective rate for the allowance (100 GB) remains at *$150/GB and the overage (20 GB) would be billed at our standard rate of *$250 per GB. However, You would start the next month (February) with the usual allowance of 100 GB.

Advantage of Rollover eGigsSM vs. commonly offered Flat Rate pricing:

You know that data volume fluctuates from one month to the next, so why let the unused GB allowance go to waste? Since You paid for it, You should receive the product you paid for.

Is there a catch? No. You have control over your charges and volume as well as the associated cost to Your clients.

What happens at the end of the contract? Unused allowance is simply re-credited to You.

* Please note that above amounts are solely provided for explanatory purposes